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How-to: Use your computer to alert you of incoming landline calls

Difficulty: 2

CallerIDAlready at Inspect my gadget, I have given you a How-to which shows you how to have your computer alert you of the incoming calls to your mobile/cell phone. Now it is time to do the same for your landline phone. Using old technology we can easily acheive this. You will never miss a call again unless you choose to.

There are many free tools which can assist you in achieving this. Attach your computer to a modem and you have a complete call management system. You are even able to use your computer as an answering machine, with advanced features such as replying with a pre recorded message depending on who the caller is.

This could work well in the workplace depending on your workplaces’ phone system. We always feel the need to answer a phone immediately, dropping everything we are doing, no matter the importance just to find out it is a telemarketer on the other end. Most other methods of communication don’t require this speedy response, such as email. To get out of the habit of dropping everything, this will give you the choice. You can always call the caller back, as once this is set up your computer will log all incoming phone numbers.

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IMG Quickie: Delay your email with Outlook 2003

Difficulty: 0.5

EmailThere are many reasons why you may want to send an email at a particular time. You may want to catch the recipient at the time you know they check their emails so your email is at the top of their list, or you might be out of the office at the time you want to send a message. Many email packages allow you to set the time the email will be sent to the recipients but today we look at Outlook 2003.


When you start a new message, click on options and look at the delivery options section. All you need to do is set the time and date. Fill out the rest of the email and press send, your computer will look after the rest. Depending on what system you are on, it is best to leave your computer on so that the computer can send the message as it is meant to.

How-to: Synchronise your IE favorites between two Windows XP computers

Difficulty: 3

SyncI run multiple computers in my home and I also have one in the office. I often get frustrated that I don’t have the same favourites with me everywhere I go so I have come up with this method to synchronise my machines so that I have the same favourites with me, wherever I am and whichever machine I am on.

In this article I will use offline files to ensure that the favourites are the same on both machines. This method is not simple but it is the best solution I have found. This method does require minor registry hack and also removes network security from your favourites (not that security is all that important for favourites).

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