Abandonware: What’s all that about?

GTARemember the games and applications we used to use constantly? Many of these have been abandoned by their manufacturer and released to the public domain free of charge. This is because they are no longer making the company any money and the company no longer wants to support the product. The result is that some of these games and applications can be freely distributed.

Because of this, the term “Abandonware” started. There are a whole heap of games that were made before 2000 that can now be downloaded and played for free.

I didn’t have a chance to play many games while I was growing up and felt I was missing out. Now I have a second chance to waste my valuable time. These games a lot of fun and bring back a lot of memories.

Syndicate_WarsMany of the available games were hits in their time. The lists of available games are very long so I won’t list them here, however I did find a few highlights such as Grand Theft Auto, Ironman’s Offroad, Street Rod, Dune II and Syndicate Wars.

Applications have come a long way over the years and are also available as abandonware. You may find an application that will do the job for you, but with huge advances in technology, you would probably do better using newer versions. Many of Microsoft’s very early Office applications such as Word 6.0 and Publisher 2.0 are available.

There are bound to be some compatibility issues with some of the games, but using compatibility mode and some extra applications, you will be able to run them. The games I listed above all worked without any tweaks. You can often get the manuals to get past any crack protection.

This is all completely legal and above board. Abandonia which has a database of these games are very specific about what is available for free, and what is licensed so start your search for games at Abandonia.com. They have just celebrated their 8th Birthday so know more about abandonware than most.

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