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Pdf creator

For a long time, Adobe Acrobat Writer was the only way to make PDF files. This was expensive and only worth buying if you wanted to make bulk PDF documents. It is important to use PDF files where possible, because somewhere down the line, they became a standard and they give your documents that professional touch. The documents are also compressed making emailing of them a little quicker.

PDF Creator is another SourceForge project which allows you to make PDF files for free. This has also been around for a number of years now but is not all that well known.

Once you install it, to make a PDF file from any number of document creation programs, such as Microsofts Office Suite, select “Print” from the “File Menu” and select the PDF printer. This will spit you out a nice compatible PDF file, or a number of other tasks such as sending it to someone via email. 

There are many options allowing you to make the document look just as you would like it. This is an essential piece of software that every Windows Machine should not be without.

Download it from SourceForge.

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