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Windows Mobile: CABviaActiveSync

CabviaactivesyncInstalling programs which come in the CAB format, onto your Windows Mobile device can be a little tedious at times, as there are many steps involved.

You would normally have to copy the file onto your device and then run it from your device. It isn’t too bad once you are used to it, but when you install multiple programs or are a newcomer to Windows Mobile, it is a challenge. 

CABviaActiveSync makes this job easy as you can install programs directly from Windows Explorer. All you need to do is right click on the CAB file and select CABviaActiveSync. The program then opens up either WMDC or ActiveSync and installs the program using their own program managers.

This is great if you have just updated your ROM or you play around with lots of programs. Many steps are removed, making installations quicker.

There is not much more to say about this program, it does what it was designed to do. Hopefully future versions of WMDC will offer this same functionality.

Download it from Modaco, and as with everything at Inspect My Gadget, this is a freebie.

Ubuntu Software: Start-Up Manager

StartUp-ManagerWhile Linux has come a long way, especially with the community support of Ubuntu, many tasks are still done by editing text files. These files are very sensitive to grammatical errors, requiring us to enter the data in perfectly for them to work.

The Linux community, especially the Ubuntu community has tried to make editing these files much easier by releasing a number of programs which do the editing for us. All we need to do is put the settings we want into a graphical interface.

GRUB, the standard boot loader for Ubuntu can be changed by editing a text file, which if edited incorrectly will cause Ubuntu & Windows to fail their boot up.

Download Startup manager and change the settings in it to suit your needs, all through an easy to use interface. One nice feature is the “Last used” option which will reboot the last operating system you had open, allowing for automatic updates and the like to do their thing.

Download it from the authors website. You will also find detailed installation instructions on the site. I really appreciate this application as I know the pain I have been through in past years, editing the file manually.

For added security, this program also lets you create a rescue floppy, which will save you all sorts of problems if things were to go wrong.

Windows Software: Remove Empty Directories (RED)

RedMy music collection was a mess. I copied files from various album folders into artist folders and deleted a whole heap of files in the process. As a result I ended up with lots of empty folders which would have been painful to delete individually.

Another situation where it is useful is when you sort out your camera pictures, as you move the pictures out of the default date folders into your personalised folders.

I needed to find a script or an application that would do the job for me. I wanted it to be simple, safe and reliable. JonasJohn came to the rescue with a little program called “Remove Empty Directories.”

RED scans your computer for empty folders and gives you the option to delete them. It is highly customisable so you can have it ignore specific files and folders. It does more than what I needed, but the extra functionality equates to safer operation.

You will need to be careful not to run this program over your “Windows” or “Program Files” directories as some programs require specific empty folders to work. I would advise you to run it only in folders which have your own documents in them, such as “My Documents” or “My Pictures”.

It’s small and free, and is available from jonasjohn|DE.

IMG Quickie: Login automatically to Ubuntu

Login WindowUbuntu allows you to login automatically, saving you from entering your username and password each time you boot up Ubuntu. This is ideal for home situations, where security is not really as much of an issue as it may be in a workplace.

Click “System”

Click “Administration”

Select “Login Window”

Screenshot-Login Window Preferences

In the “Security” tab, tick “Enable Automatic Login”

Use the pull-down menu to select which username you want to login as.

The next time you restart your computer, you will bypass the login screen allowing you to get straight into the Ubuntu goodness.

How-to: Send text messages and files using Bluetooth

Difficulty: 1.5

Screenshot0006With the addition of Bluetooth technology in many mobile phone handsets, we are now able to create small networks in which we can pass around notes and files from one phone or computer to another.

While there are not really many practical reasons for doing this, it is free, easy, and fun to play with.

I think about a school classroom, where teenagers are texting each other messages in class, each time clocking up 15c on their phone bill. As they are in close range to each other, there is no need for this to cost money. If both their phones are fitted with Bluetooth, they are able to use this technology to send the notes for free.

This article will show you how to send messages and files from one phone to another over a short range for free, using Bluetooth technology. We can also send files such as ring tones, images and other audio files to one another using the same method. No additional software is required to make this work.

This article will show:

  • A message/file sent from a Nokia N70 to a Windows Vista PC running Outlook 2007.
  • A message/file sent from a Nokia N70 to a HP Ipaq rw6828
  • A message/file sent from a HP Ipaq rw6828 to a Nokia N70

This should be possible on just about any Bluetooth enabled phone. The menus will be different, but the idea will be the same.

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