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JresLast week I showed you Reschange 3.11 which is a command line utility to change your screen resolution. Since then, Cybernetnews has reported on a tiny utility called JRes, otherwise known as JustinRes. I didn’t know of this utility previously and it is worth comparing the two as they both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

This utility clocks in at a tiny 5kb and runs in your tasktray. Once you click on it, you get to switch between a whole range of resolutions, refresh rates as well as bit depth, covering just about any resolution you might want.

This is great for quick resolution changes and it works well. To make it run at startup, place the executable in your Start Menus –> Startup folder. This will do the job for me changing resolutions. The only drawback I found with JRes is that it lacks dual monitor support.

As with ResChange, there is no 15 second revert if you enter into a resolution your monitor or card does not support. Worth keeping in mind is Windows Safe Mode which will get you out of this dilemma. Press F8 just before Windows starts up and then you can enter safe mode to set the resolution back to whatever you would like.

So take your pick, JRes for speed, and Reschange for more configuration control. It all depends on how often you want to change your resolution and for whatever reason.

Available from Nullsoft.

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