Windows Software: DisplayFusion v1.2.0

DisplayFusionYou may have noticed that with all the screen resolution changing software over the last few days, that your wallpaper does not want to play the game. If you change your resolution with a dual monitor setup, the wallpaper of your secondary monitor will change to the size of your main monitor. This is a little ugly and I can understand that in some scenarios, you may want a solution to make this much prettier.

Along comes DisplayFusion which will solve this problem for you, as it has done for me. DisplayFusion is a great utility to look after the wallpaper of your dual monitor setup.

You are able to stretch your wallpaper across multiple monitors, select a different wallpaper for each desktop as well as the ability to use images from flickr as your wallpaper.

If you change your resolution, DisplayFusion will recognise this and give you a balloon popup to adjust your wallpaper to suit. With 2 clicks, you can be back in action. Look out for future versions as this hopefully will become an automatic feature. Worth noting is that your Windows wallpapers are normally stored in your “C:\Windows\Web” folder

While this application won’t be suitable for all scenarios, it is great for anyone wanting more control over their dual monitor configuration. I thank the How-to Geek for letting me know of this.

Available from Binary Fortress. That’s enough screen resolution stuff from IMG for a while.

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