Windows Software: SMOz, Start Menu Organizer

SmozWe have already covered How-to tidy up your start menu in Vista at Inspect My Gadget. In the above article, we showed you how it can be done manually, but it is a little fiddly as your shortcuts which make up the Start Menu are not all stored in the one place.

Tidying up your Start Menu is a very worthwhile exercise as your list of installed programs will get very long over time, making it just about impossible to find what you are looking for.

SMOz is a tool to simplify the process of tidying up your Start Menu. There are some predefined categories which can be used as a good guide. You can use, delete or make your own categories. With simple drag and drop functionality, you can sort your start menu programs into a nicely categorised list, without any of the unnecessary un-installers or read-me files.

Tidying up your Start Menu makes programs quicker and easier to get to, making your time in front of the computer more productive.

SMOz is still a little premature, but using it in parallel with a bit of manual tweaking can give you great results. It all depends how particular you are.

SMOz works on both XP and Vista, and is available for free from SourceForge.

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