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MremoteThe latest Remote Desktop client which comes with Windows Vista only allows you to open up one remote desktop at a time. You are able to run multiple instances of it to open other desktops but this will clog up your taskbar quickly. Imagine having multiple clients to connect to other types of servers such as telnet and ssh2.

mRemote will let you store all your remote connections information in one place so that they can easily be recalled and accessed at the same time.

Their website explains it best

“mRemote allows you to manage all your remote connections in a single place. Currently it supports the RDP, VNC, SSH2 and Telnet protocols. The main intention is to have a central place to store all your connections and access them in the same window.”

I liked that the program was highly configurable for each server I connected to. I had the same control with remote desktops as I have with the latest Microsoft release of the Remote Desktop Client. Each new server connection loaded up in a new tab, making the switching between remote servers instant.

mRemote is still in Beta so take a bit of caution using it. There were a few tick box and layout problems which I came across but all in all, mRemote worked just as I hoped it would. I was able to connect to two computers via remote desktop, and another with telnet.

The install is a single file download and there is an uninstaller included. The latest version was released 10/10/07. If you are using XP, ensure you have updated to the latest Remote Desktop Client from Microsoft before trying to use mRemote. You can download it here. This is not necessary if you are using Vista.

There are Remote Desktop Clients that will let you connect to multiple desktops from the same window. The programs I have seen are commercial releases, or they come with Windows Server. mRemote is the only client I have seen that will let you log on to multiple types of servers at the same time.

Download it for free from SourceForge.

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  1. Seb said, on December 25, 2007 @ 5:45 am

    Or you could just use Royal TS (open source) to connect to all the RDP servers you want:

    I realize that it’s unable to connect to other protocols (vnc, etc.), but boy is Royal sweet and simple!

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