Friday Fun: My mouse is doing crazy stuff.

Difficulty: 1


This is the part III of a new series of articles here at Inspect My Gadget. While most how-to articles you will find on this site will help you to be more productive, it’s sometimes fun to plant a practical joke on your work mates computer.

This week we look at crazy mouse. Normally when you move a mouse around the screen, it will go where you want it to. That is until you try this practical joke.

The result:

  • The desktop will appear untouched.
  • You will be able to move your victims mouse cursor without them knowing, which will create confusion and frustration.
  • The more subtle you are, the longer you can play out the joke.

This joke takes little explanation but it is extremely effective. I used this practical joke on my boss and it went down well. Read on to find out how to make this happen, and how to restore the system quickly before you get decked.


Windows will let you attach as many mice as you want to one system. They will all work simultaneously. This can be handy if you connect your TV to your computer. You can have one mouse on your desk and another on your coffee table.

The Method:

Get your hands on a cordless mouse and attach the receiver to your victims computer. Make sure it installs and works fine and then ensure the receiver is tucked away out of sight.

Head back to your desk with the new mouse and let your victim use their computer as normal. You are going to need a little patience for this to work really well.

You have a few options as to how you will most annoy your victim. You will need to be within around 3 metres range of your victims computer for the cordless mouse to work, so if your desk is nearby, you can give the mouse a little nudge every now and again to get them thinking. Even if it is very subtle, it will be noticeable.

I like to put the mouse in my pocket and get them to show me something on their computer. As you are talking to them, you can move the mouse a little in your pocket and even occasionally press the right mouse button.

If your victim starts getting really frustrated and smells something is going on, stop the game. You can play this out for a long time. The chances of your victim checking to see if a second mouse has been plugged in, is very slim if you don’t over do it.


It will be fairly obvious when you get caught, how you have gone about making this practical joke work. Pull out the mouse receiver and run.

I hope that this article has given you and your work-mates a bit of a giggle. Stay tuned to Inspect My Gadget on coming Fridays for more workplace mayhem.

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