Windows Mobile: Add a startup sound to your device

BootscreenMost phone manufacturers brand their phones with a startup sound. This is often an annoying feature for those that have a phone which won’t let you disable it. Windows Mobile users are blessed as they don’t need to put up with this sound each time their device starts up. This is because Microsoft has not included a startup sound in their mobile operating system. Maybe just because there isn’t a startup sound, many people crave for it. Reverse psychology and all that.

Well now there is a way. AudioBoot is a Windows Mobile utility that will add a startup sound to your device. As your device boots up, while the boot screens are still on display, your startup sound will come alive through your devices speakers.

AudioBoot comically plays the Windows XP startup sound by default, but this can be changed by copying any MP3 to your root directory and renaming it startup.mp3. Most other platforms don’t allow you to change your startup sound. It’s not a reason to buy Windows Mobile, but it’s a nice touch.

Available for free via If you are not an XDA forums member, download Audioboot from the mirror.

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