Windows Software: Change the resolution of a single program with Res-o-Matic

ResoHere at Inspect My Gadget, we have looked at a number of programs that change your screen resolution quickly and easily. We have also looked at using these resolution changing programs in batch files so that an individual program can load at a certain resolution. This method works quite well, but I have just come across a program that is much tidier and efficient at achieving this.

Res-o-matic is a utility that helps you to create shortcuts to any program, where you can define the resolution, colour depth and refresh rate you want the program to run at.

Res-o-matic couldn’t be any easier to use. It does all the hard work for you. I looked at the shortcut it had created, and its target is:

"C:\resomatic\reso.exe" "C:\WINDOWS\system32\calc.exe" 320 200 32 60

This example loads up Windows Calculator at 320×200 resolution with 32bit colour at 60Hz. When you launch the shortcut, there is no hint that Res-o-matic is working in the background. Closing the program down again will cause the resolution to return to its default values.

Res-o-matic will suck up a tiny 9kb of your hard drive. This program will certainly make my life easier. I need to run Vista Media Centre at 640×480 at 60hz. Up until now, batch files was the easiest way I knew how to do it in an automated process.

Res-o-Matic is available for free from bChecks Apps.

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  1. Richard said, on July 16, 2016 @ 5:28 am

    I used Resomatic successfully to change the resolution of a single application. I had purchased a new laptop with 4K resoloution, but the application of a specific application couldn’t be adjusted to 4k, so the onscreen type was microscopic. After using reso.exe the application launches at the right resolution and the rest of the computer is fine.

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