Windows Software: Text to speech with DSpeech

DspeechA few weeks ago, we looked at Ultra HAL Text to Speech reader. It had the ability to read out dialog boxes and to convert text documents to spoken word in the form of a wav file. It did the job reasonably well, but it had a few bugs and the reading of dialog boxes became annoying.

Since I wrote about it, I have come across another program that can convert your text files to MP3 files, and a whole lot more. DSpeech is a text to speech converter which can convert a wide variety of files to MP3, WAV or Ogg formats.

What makes DSpeech really special is that it supports PDF files, Microsoft doc files and web pages. This is much better than other programs as most I have come across that only support txt files and many of them cost money.

Another stand out point of this program is the ability to change the sound output quality. This allows the voices already on your computer to sound better, as most programs default them to a low setting. I like it that you can see the character talking up the top right of the screen. This can be turned on and off, but it is nice to look at, as each voice has its own individual face.

DSpeech is also capable of converting the audio from your microphone into text. There may be other programs that are better suited for this task, but it is nice to have all these features in the one package.

There are links on the site to some nice voices I had not come across before. They sound almost human and are quite understandable.

There is no installation required so you can try DSpeech out and delete it without any risk of damaging your system.

Get your copy for free from Dimio’s Tools. (Donations are welcome)

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