Winamp Plugin: Save all the files from a playlist into a single folder with SendTo

SendToFor the last 10 years I have been using Winamp as my default music player. It is not as light weight as it once was, but it is still holds its place as being one of the best music players available. Not only is it intuitive, its plugin support and visualisations are unparallelled.

I needed to make some playlists for an upcoming party. I was using music from many different locations. I would eventually need to copy the files in the playlist to a single folder on a different computer, so they could be easily transported. It would have been a huge hassle to copy files individually from their current locations to the one location. I figured there was bound to be a plugin that would let me automate this process, so I proceeded to make the playlists.

It turns out that copying all the files from a playlist into a single folder is not as easy as I initially thought. Certain forums recommend using the Disk Writer plugin that comes standard with Winamp. The problem with this is that the files get converted to wav, and then with the right codecs, they get converted back to MP3. This is very time consuming and the quality of the track is likely to be reduced.

I eventually came across a plugin that does the job wonderfully. SendTo lets you choose a folder that the files will be copied to, and then proceeds copying the files no matter where they were originally located. This includes network drives. The copying process is as quick as a normal file transfer.

The final result is a folder with all the MP3 files that were in the selected playlist. It is now easy to transfer this folder to another computer.

There is nothing flashy about this plugin. It was designed specifically to do this task, and this task only. Saying that, it does it well. Get a copy of SendTo plugin for free from

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  1. Jose Pinto said, on May 1, 2009 @ 6:43 am

    Thank you very much for the tip, easy and very usefull.
    The other options that I saw, was this: install the file, go to this part of the …, then do this… after this do that…
    Ans this here just execute the file and voilá!!!

    Jose Pinto

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