Windows Software: Real Australian Pokie Machine ROM’s

Most of the pokie/slot machines in Australia are made by a company called Aristocrat. They make interesting games which are lots of fun to play. Their games all include special features, lots of playable lines, great animations, and an amusing soundtrack. All of these things make them very popular.

Evidence of this popularity can be seen in pubs around the nation, which almost always have a dedicated pokie room. The only problem is that it is against the law to get one of these machines installed at home without a license.

We can now play these games in the comfort of our own home, and there’s no need to spend a cent. This is supposedly thanks to someone internal to Aristocrat releasing these ROMs to the public. These are not remakes, but the actual ROMs that are used in the machines that are played in clubs all across Australia.

There are 4 ROMs in all to download. These include 50 Lions, Atlantis, Orchid, and one of my favourites, Indian Dreaming (shame about the included link feature). Each ROM comes with an emulator which represents the buttons on a real Pokie machine.

The ROMs are downloaded from RapidShare, so if you are not a member, you may need some patience for the download to be made available to you.

Read more, see more screenshots, and get the links for the ROMs from the Reproserv.

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  1. Chris Duckworth said, on May 29, 2012 @ 11:18 pm

    Hi Bob, Thanks for the post. I think the page may have changed since you wrote this… i.e. 20 minutes ago, as I had an email saying the page doesn’t exist anymore. I went to the page and navigated through slightly diferent menus and found the roms. Basically went to roms, iso, & games section instead and then followed through with your instructions. That’s the problem with these roms. We can find a good source and i only stays active for days, if not hours. Still worth getting word out though. If we can get people off the real thing, we will all have more money in pocket.

    Nup nup.. sorry, your instructions were right:) Time for some pokie fun
    Update, I think Depositfiles has been hit with infringement notice like a bunch of other sites.

  2. Bob Pro said, on May 30, 2012 @ 7:55 am

    Hi Chris !!
    I just went through all the Roms on Emuparadise and all 11 are still there. There is a trick to downloading these roms, you get re-directed to other sites or select pop ups. When you get to the
    MAME alphabetical page click the rom you require and when the page comes up for downloading scroll
    down and you will see a table with choices. Select preview and scroll further down and if the rom
    is working you will see 2 pictures of the machine or games. Look for “direct download” and click
    underneath the number of the rom, another page will come up with a puzzle, underneath the puzzle
    there is small red writing “having trouble with our puzzle” click that and another page will come
    up scroll down and find “direct download” and again click the number of the rom and it will start the download. Because these roms are only a few Kb’s you don’t need a fast download and you get the roms directly from Emuparadise not somewhere else. All the roms I have included on my previous submission all work. There is roms of high Kb’s of the same name on Emuparadise but different numbers and they are Mk5 roms. I hope this is helpfull to you and your readers.
    I will follow up in more details of the customizing of the machines and keyboard keys for various function and the choices MAME gives in their emulators very soon.
    to making the machine more apealing. I will also cover US, NSW and Victoria Roms.

  3. Bob Pro said, on June 5, 2012 @ 10:54 pm

    I should have stated a few of the control keys of MAME emulators on my previous post 29-5-2012 and I do apologize for that. Below I will list a few only as the emulator describes them in input (this game). Once Game or machine is running press the tab key and a table will come up and scroll
    down with arrow keys and select with enter and when finished scroll down to previous menu and again hit enter. If you select “input this game” you can also change some keys to your own liking
    for eg. the “H” key which is for maximum lines can be transferred to the space bar which is much more easier to play and will be like real machine the “SPIN BUTTON” this is how it is done. Scroll
    down to the “H” so that line is highlighted hit delete key and than hit enter and when 2 arrows show up press the space once. You can now get out back to game and play with space bar. These emulators are designed to run multiple games, I have tried up to 6 games but they could possible
    hold more. So by pressing the control key once you can select another game or pressing 2 times you go back to windows. The “5” key always adds coins unless the machine you are playing is US and pardon my ignorance but they don’t have dollar coins they have note acceptors in which case it is the number “6” on our emus. To enlarge your machine you can get rid of the bottom bezels that are not really used and customize your machine to fit your screen. On that table scroll down to “video options” go to 4:3 hit enter, the bezels will disappear and the whole thing enlarges but the cards are not square. Go back to the table and select slider control and select one of the four options at the bottom of the schedule and by pressing the side arrows it will be obvious how to customize your machines so the cards will appear square and the position will fill up your whole screen. These emulators will record your changes and when you go back to windows and play them in 2 days time everything will be as you left it the last time and also the amount of credits left, it works exactly like a real machine.
    I will cover a little more next time soon on MAME emulators.

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