Windows Software: Control your computer with your game controller with JoytoKey

Jtk33en3Have you ever wanted to control your computer with a game controller? It could be convenient to use a game controller from the couch to control Windows Media Center or move through PowerPoint slides.

JoytoKey is a small program that allows you to setup the movement controls and buttons of a game controller, into emulated keystrokes and mouse movements. You can setup different profiles for different programs and games, as well as separate configurations for different controllers. You can even configure a button on the controller represent a key combination.

This program is useful in the case where games don’t offer any game controller support, or where some newer games don’t offer support for older controllers, especially where drivers haven’t been updated over the years. JoytoKey allows you to split the axis controls into two separate buttons.

For example; if you have a first person shooter game that does not currently support a game controller, you can setup a profile for your controller to work with the game. Each button will represent a key from from your keyboard. Once all the buttons are configured, you have effectively added game controller support for your game.

Read more and download your free copy from electracode.

If you would like to control your mouse cursor only with your controller, check out this article for a simple alternative.

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  1. Jabberwock said, on October 14, 2008 @ 5:43 am

    The software described, while very easy to use, is quite limited in its functionality. If you want real control (and don’t mind learning the script language), use GlovePIE – with this you can control anything with just about any controller conceivable…

  2. Chris Duckworth said, on October 14, 2008 @ 6:54 am

    Jabberwock, thanks for letting me know about this. It looks more powerful, bu also more complicated. It’s like calling in the big guns. Cheers, Chris

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