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My House: My Lounge Room

Lounge RoomOver 5 years have passed since my original article on my lounge room. In it, I explained how I had voice controlled most of the entertainment equipment in the room. Using the technology, even in these early stages, made it clear to me that I wanted to continue using voice control into the future, so I continued to pursue it. The system made accessing TV, movies, music and games so much simpler and easier to use. I tell the system what I want it to do and it does it.

Where my setup may have looked primitive 6 years ago; using an 17 year old TV, and even older speakers, these were purely aesthetic and the same principles have now been transferred to a newer home entertainment system. I have since purchased a house and extended it to create my  lounge room as I wanted. All the components I knew would be necessary to make the system work reliably are in place. What I did not see at the time was the range of things this technology would make possible throughout the rest of the home.

While a number of voice controlled systems have come to the market in recent years, I have not found a reason to include them in my system. None of these systems are able to do all the things I want my system to do now, nor cater for me as I delve deeper into the future. To be fair, they are not designed for this purpose.

There are a number of other reasons why my system better suits my needs:

  • The system does not lock me into using certain brands
  • It can be modified to cater for any new features I think of into the future
  • Voice recognition is mostly processed in house so it responds much faster
  • It provides complete privacy as no voice or activity data is sent out of the house
  • Advertising is removed from all entertainment
  • No ongoing subscription fees
  • It works throughout much of the house
  • One command to achieve the majority of tasks
  • Works when the TV is off or when the speakers are at a high volume

There is a lot of technology in use here that I have not seen elsewhere. There are a number of new concepts and products that combine to make an extremely powerful system. This article is a roundup of all the articles I have written about the technology which I have placed in my lounge room. The video below shows what you may be able to achieve in your own home.

By implementing all of the articles below, you are able to achieve a fully voice controlled entertainment system and start putting technology in place for a voice controlled home. Many of the components you will already have such as a TV and a computer. Combining these with a microphone, free software and a bit of patience, you will be able to acheive what I believe to be the most powerful control system that there will be in the foreseeable future.

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