I am really excited about bringing this site to you because I love to get the most out of new technology and using older technology to do new things. Through my career and personal exploration, I have come across all sorts of tricks which I have been able to pass on to the staff I support, in my work. This website lets me pass on this information the world.

A bit of background about myself…

When I finished school I spent the next five years studying electronics. I got a diploma and a few certificates but the love wasn’t there. Computers and gadgets were what interested me.

I worked as a computer technician for 10 years at a University. There is always a huge range of computer problems to deal with. This role kept me up to date with the latest technologies and was always challenging. I always enjoyed showing staff new ways to get their computers and gadgets to work for them, allowing them to focus on their work. I also did a lot of Audio/Visual work here, which was also an interest of mine. After being in a band myself, I set up a home recording studio and recorded a few bands.

I moved into another organisation in which my role was to connect remote sites to the organisations computer network. These sites were all around NSW and many of these sites were previously using dial up connections. At a minimum the sites would require ADSL but as this service wasn’t always available in these remote areas, where even mobile phone reception was difficult. We often used microwave and laser links to get broadband to these sites from other sites we controlled.

I then tried to do this website full time, but it was more of difficult to make a career out of than I first thought it would be. After spending many months solely on this website, I have gone back to the University to keep my skills up. I spend much of the time I am away from my fulltime job working on this website.

I have written this site in plain english with detailed instructions step by step, so that the information is open to everyone.
Anybody who spends their hard earned money on computers and gadgets should be able to take advantage of this site and get the most out of their technology. You have paid for all these functions in your initial purchase of your gadgets so you should be able to use them to their full potential. This site should help you acheive this.

I welcome your questions or feedback at: whats@inspectmygadget.com

I hope you enjoy this site, and your gadgets!